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The orchestra’s committee tries to choose music that involves everyone, as far as possible, but it is unavoidable that players of some instruments have more down-time than others.

To encourage new members, no playing standard is required although, as a rough guide, a minimum of ABRSM Grade 5 is an advantage. As this policy produces a mixed ability group, it is inevitable that some will struggle while others forge ahead. We try to compensate for this in our choice of music.

The core repertoire for the coming season is announced early in the summer to allow familiarisation with the music ahead of rehearsal time. We also encourage feedback early in the first term so that help can be provided or repertoire revised.

The music that we have performed over many years can be seen on the Past Concerts page. The works that we will be rehearsing during January to May 2024 are:


~ Vltava


~ Symphony No. 2


~ Holberg Suite Mvts 1, 2, 5 (Strings)